Stand Against Racism 2020

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Stand Against Racism | Carlos BarcenasAnyone can take the Stand Against Racism pledge! Record your employees, co-workers, yourself, or your family reciting the pledge; share on social media anytime between April 23rd and 28th. Tag @YWCAofGrandIsland to receive a free window cling and a PDF copy of our Stand Against Racism Resource Kit.

Then, join us on April 28th from 9-10 AM for a Facebook Live event with Carlos Barcenas.

Carlos has served as the Multicultural At Risk Coordinator and Liaison for Grand Island Public Schools, the Executive Director of the Multicultural Coalition, and a Community Organizer with the Center for Rural Affairs.

Carlos now leads his own organization, iChoosePurple–which seeks to train leaders in inclusive leadership. Carlos serves Grand Island in many capacities including his role as a board member for the GIPS school board.

Stand Against Racism Pledge