Racial Justice

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YWCA of Grand Island Racial Justice Programming

All trainings must have a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 30 participants.  

We offer a robust training slate aimed at providing an introduction to racial justice work. Our trainings are informed by research from YWCA USA and BIPOC activists, writers, and scholars. We encourage organizations and individuals to proceed through trainings in this order:

  1. Racial Justice 101
  2. Identifying and Disrupting Biases
  3. Preventing & Responding to Microaggressions

If your organization has other training needs related to equity, race, and racism, please contact us to learn more about how we can create a customized training.

Racial Justice 101, 2.5 hours, $350

What does racial justice mean? What’s the difference between equity, equality, and inclusion?  Why should we care about this as community members? Racial Justice 101 by YWCA of Grand Island will provide the necessary foundations needed to have conversations about race, racial justice, and equity. In this training, participants will explore our local demographics to get an understanding of who we are as a community, develop a shared vocabulary to talk about racial justice, examine disparities and connect them to history, and discuss individual and institutional action steps for change.


  • Recognize the importance of racial justice in our society.
  • Understand how race has impacted our society.
  • Develop individual action steps to pursue racial justice

Identifying and Disrupting Biases, 1 hour, $200

This training will help participants examine their own socialization in order to identify the source of their biases. We will discuss the ideas about race we inherited during our upbringings. Then, we’ll examine the impact biases can have in contributing to disparities. Finally, we’ll identify ways to disrupt our biases and re-learn a more accurate narrative.


  • Understand that socialization is the source of bias.
  • Identify our own biases.
  • Begin the process of disrupting these biases.

Preventing & Responding to Microaggressions, 1 hour, $200

This training will help participants understand and recognize microaggressions and their impact. We’ll take a dive into looking at the three types of microaggressions and the messages they communicate. Then, participants will be equipped with strategies for responding to microaggressions and with strategies for dealing with being called in or out for microaggressions.


  • Recognize microaggressions and their impact
  • Develop strategies for preventing and responding to microaggressions

Guest speakers are available to speak for up to 45 minutes about racial justice, key concepts of racism and anti-racism, and how this work applies to our community.

Speaker fee is a flat rate of $200.